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In the video game of Destroy all Humans! 2, there are a lot of references to James Bond.
  • In Albion (Parody of London) you can see Aston Martins driving around with the licence plate 006,
  • In Takoshima ( Parody of Tokyo) you have to meet up with Dr. Go a direct reference to Dr. No,
  • The last level is Solaris ( a secret Soviet Moonbase) which is a reference to the movie "Moonraker"
  • The government agency that Ponsonby works for in Albion is the M16 but stands for the Majestic 16 ( Like the Majestic 12 in the US),
  • Some of the M16 agents around Albion have golden magnums a reference to the movie "The Man with the Golden Gun",
  • If a KGB agent and a M16 agent see each other they start to shoot at each other,
  • If you read the mind of a M16 agent he might think that it would be cool to make a series of movies staring a spy that always saves the world, drinks martinis and drives an Aston Martin but then immediately dismisses the idea.
  • One mission is called The Alien Who Probed Me a reference to The Spy Who Loved Me.