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Source: Canada EastDaniel Craig will be Bond for a while - James Bond Wiki

Daniel Craig claims he'll continue on as James Bond as long as his body allows. "Until my joints go I will keep going as Bond," the actor told the UK's Sun, the BBC reported, adding he has "no intention of giving up just yet."yet."It It may be sooner rather than later, however, if he keeps up the crazy stunts."We are going from stunt sequence to stunt sequence.

We did a body flight thing where you are free-falling in a wind tunnel. That was tough," said the actor, who is currently filming Quantum of Solace. "I did a two-day fight sequence which we had been rehearsing for two months. That was physically very hard, getting hit basically."
It seems celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, known for swearing a blue streak, wants to serve a pink steak to Cameron Diaz"I get excited cooking for anybody, to be honest," Ramsay told Parade magazine when asked what celebrity he'd love to cook for. "I'm cooking for Nelson Mandela's birthday party in Hyde Park this summer, which I've been invited to do. I suppose if I wanted somebody really fun and sexy, it'd have to be Cameron Diaz. She's tall, she's beautiful and she loves pink meat." Christina Ricci has grown up in Hollywood, but has managed to not become a wild child always splashed across the pages of the tabloids."Why you would get drunk and fall over in front of photographers I don't really know," the actress told Elle magazine, the UK's Sun reported. "People used to warn me, saying, 'Be Careful! You're an actress so there's temptation all around!' Well, no one has ever offered me drugs. I liked drinking but I couldn't handle it, so I stopped. Luckily for me, there wasn't that much media then. Now if you go out you're going to end up in the paper."Anna Friel thought her smile was pearly white -- until she discovered that on screen her teeth weren't so dazzling. "When I first started filming Pushing Daisies, my agent and the producer told me I needed to have my teeth whitened," the actress was quoted by as saying. "I'm very good at brushing them. So I refused."Everyone just shrugged and told me they'd do a test film. When I saw it, I couldn't believe what I looked like on screen. I'm not kidding, compared to everyone else my teeth looked green. I was horribly embarrassed." adonna is known for being strong and aggressive -- characteristics often associated with men -- but now the singer is embracing her feminine side. "I think I've been honing and finessing my feminine side," the queen of pop was quoted by as saying. "I've always been very comfortable with my masculine side -- the confidence, the ballsiness. I've learnt to be more pliant, more vulnerable -- and to be comfortable with that."