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Much like Connery's gadgets, Dalton's were mostly concealed as everyday objects, but with a deadly punch!

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Explosive/Gas Emitting Keyring Finder: (featured in The Living Daylights)

A seemingly normal keyring finder, Bond can easily find his misplaced car keys by simply whistling. But this particular one, developed by Q of course, will emit stun gas or explode, depending on what Bond whistles. When he whistles the first few bars of "Rule Britannia" stun gas will deploy with a range of 5 feet and disorientate a person for 30 seconds. The whistle for an explosion is a personalized one. Q programed a wolf whistle (not a howl, but like in cartoons when a pretty lady walks by) for Bond, finding it apropriate. The device is also magnetic and the keys open 90% of the world's locks. Bond uses its stun gas to disorientate the guards in the prison and uses its explosive power to knock over a column/statue to kill Brad Whitaker.

Explosive Gas Emitting Keyring Finder Explosive Keyring finder
Bond places the keyring Keyring finder
Keyring Finder explodes

Revolving-Cushion Couch: (featured in The Living Daylights)

Being developed in Q's lab, this couch has cushions that revolve to trap a person inside.

Revolving-Cushion Couch Revolving-Cushion Couch
Revolving-Cushion Couch Revolving-Cushion Couch
Revolving-Cushion Couch Revolving-Cushion Couch

Binocular-Glasses: (featured in The Living Daylights)

These binoculars are mounted in a way so that they can be worn like glasses, freeing up Bond's hands.

Binocular Glasses Binocular Glasses

Explosive Alarm Clock: (featured in Licence to Kill)

Q claims this alarm clock is a bomb, though its ability is never seen.

Explosvie Alarm Clock

Plastic Explosive Toothpaste: (featured in Licence to Kill)

Plastic explosives disguised as toothpaste, cleverly called "Dentonite". Bond uses it to blow up a window in Sanchez's room so he can get a shot with his sniper rifle.

Plastic Explosive Tooth Paste Plastic Explosive Toothpaste
Plastic Explosive Trigger Plastic Explosive

Laser Camera: (featured in Licence to Kill)

Q developed this special camera that fires a laser when press the button to take a picture. Pam Bouvier used it unkowning of its ability, narrowly missing Q and Bond. In addition to the laser, the camera still produces a picture, showing the skeletons of all the people in the picture.

Laser Camera Laser Camera
Laser Camera Picture Laser Camera Picture

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