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The Original Casino RoyaleThe first Casino Royale film was a television adaptation of Ian Fleming's novel, which was broadcast as a 48 minutes episode of the dramatic anthology series <a class="external" href="!" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Climax!</a> in 1954. Although it was made for television, this was the very first James Bond screen adaptation.

Fleming was originally approached to write 32 episodes for CBS in a two-year span based on the character of James Bond. However, the anticipated Bond series never came to fruition, and the only Fleming adaptation for CBS ended up being Casino Royale.

The first actor ever to portray the secret agent was Barry Nelson. In the film, James "Jimmy" Bond works for the Combined Intelligence Agency (an allusion to the CIA) with an agent named "Clarence Leiter".

The ending to this television series has been somewhat of a mystery, since the series disappeared after its original broadcast and did not re-appear until the 1980s. Since its reappearance, there have been several VHS and DVD releases with different endings.

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