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Appears in:
Baron Samedi - James Bond Wiki


  • Trinidadian actor Geoffrey Holder (1930-2014). Read more here.

Who he is:

  • He is a tall (6'6") and mysterious man working for Kananga.
  • He impersonates the Baron Samedi, the voodoo loa of cemeteries, in a show for tourists at the Carribean hotel where Bond arrives, and plays this role in voodoo sacrificial ceremonies on the isle of San Monique (which are used to scare or kill intruders who get too close of Kananga's poppy fields).
  • As Baron Samedi, he is also known as "The Man who cannot die".
  • He also passes as a mysterious flute-playing hermit living in cemeteries of the jungle of San Monique.
  • He is later seen arriving in Kananga's secret room under the Fillet of Soul restaurant after Bond has been taken away, picking up a "Death" card and laughing evilly at Solitaire's impending doom.


Evil scheme:

  • To scare people away from Kananga's poppy fields.

Attempted methods of killing Bond:

  • Tries to kill 007 with a machete.

How plans are foiled:

  • Bond interrupts his voodoo ceremony and presumably kills him.

How he is dispatched:

  • Bond shoots at him when he first appears at the ceremony in the climax, but it is actually a dummy. The real Baron Samedi then appears with a skeleton make-up and laughs. He attacks Bond with a machete, but Bond parries his attack easily and punches him right into a coffin filled with poisonous snakes, apparently killing him.
  • However, Samedi appears at the end of the movie sitting on the front of the train 007 and Solitaire are traveling in, laughing and waving his hat before the credits appear. He seems unscathed, so... is he actually "The Man who cannot die"?

    Defining dialogue:

    • His trademark deep and cackling evil laughter.

    • (Bond and Solitaire are walking past a cemetery in the jungle of San Monique, Samedi appears as a hermit playing a strange melody on his flute)
    • Baron Samedi: Good mooorning boss!
    • Bond: Good morning.
    • Baron Samedi: It's sure gonna be a beauuuutiful day! (laughs evilly) Yeah I say beauuuutiful day! (continues to play his flute as Bond and Solitaire leave, then opens the flute to speak in a microphone)
    • Baron Samedi: They're heading for the hill.