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Featured in Tomorrow Never Dies, the "Bulletproof Beemer" came equipped with a security system that would deliver electrical shocks via the door handles to would-be thieves unless disarmed by Bond's Ericsson mobile phone.

The car also had 2 secure compartments hidden behind the section of the dashboard where the airbag supposedly was (and could only be opened by Bond (played by Pierce Brosnan) sliding his finger from right-to-left on a hidden fingerprint-scanner located directly under the "SRS Airbag" logo). These two compartments (after being revealed when the "airbag-compartment" flips up) could be each opened by pressing a button on the 'door' of the [respective] compartment itself. The left compartment slid out a tray with a integrated "cut out" intended to hold Bond's Walther PPK, as well as a silencer for the gun. The right compartment (also a "slide-out" tray) was basically an empty tray to hold anything that would fit in it. In the movie, the right compartment was used by Bond to store the "red box" which contained the [American] GPS Encoder stolen by Carver's henchman (and pseudo-"I.T. guy") Henry Gupta. The 750iL could be remotely driven and controlled via Bond's Ericsson phone, which opened up to show an LCD screen displaying the driver's view of the car (that would have front-mounted hidden microscopic cameras, to allow the remote-control "driver" to see what was in front of the car). Weapons and defense systems included unguided explosive rockets mounted in a hidden hatch in the roof which replaced the car's standard sunroof, self-sealing and re-inflating tires, a retractable cable-cutting device mounted underneath the front hood emblem, tear gas sprayers, and caltrops that dropped from a dispenser hidden behind the extendable rear bumper to shred the tires of any following cars.

Features: Ballistic bulletproof armored body panels, bulletproof and impact-proof glass all round (although a 40mm Grenade projectile fired from a rifle launcher wielded by one of Carver's henchmen managed to pierce and hole the front windscreen, but not shatter it), security system which electrocutes intruders through the door handles unless disarmed by Bond's Ericsson mobile phone, security compartments hidden behind section of dashboard where airbag is (the compartments are accessible only by Bond sliding his finger from right-to-left on a hidden fingerprint-scanner located directly under the "SRS Airbag" logo), can be driven and controlled completely remotely by Bond's Ericsson mobile phone, retractable cable-cutter, tear gas sprayers, and a rear-mounted caltrop dispenser.

Current Condition: Hopefully the Avis car rental people managed to fix the dents and scratches Bond inflicted on the poor car after sending it off the top of a 5 (?) story garage right through the door of an Avis office (literally!).

Trivia note:The 750iL is the only officially Q-issued car to be a four door sedan model.

Specifications: BMW E38 750iL (Long Wheel Base)
Engine Size: 5.4L V12
Engine Type: M73B54 356Hp 361Tq (fun fact, same one used in RR Silver Seraph)

BMW 750 il interior
This is how Bond's 750iL was rigged so that he could appear to be operating it remotely. As you can see, the back seat was rigged so that a stunt driver could operate the vehicle undetected by the cameras.

Summary:The only 4-door driven by Bond (and fittingly so, since one of the memorable scenes inTomorrow Never Dieshas Bond driving the car by remote from the back seat).

  • 5.4 Liter v12
  • 322 horsepower
  • 361 lb ft torque
  • $91,000 MSRP
Remote control (via Bond's cellphone), electric-shock burglar safeguard, bulletproof (and sledgehammer-proof) glass, security glovebox, GPS voice assist, cable-cutter, forward-firing rockets, tear-gas ejector, anti-tire spikes, self-inflating tires.

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