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The American Dad episode Tearjerker is a spoof of the James Bond films with a plot similar to the typical Bond film. The episode's premiere was on January 13, 2008.
  • Stan Smith investigates Tearjerker, a diabolical fim producer with a plot to make movies so sad that they can cause people to cry to their deaths.

  • The release of the movie Oscars Gold, a movie so sad that it causes people watching it to cry to their deaths.

    The episode starts with a parody of the famous gunbarrel with stan entering from the left. as he enters the gunbarrel, he takes his gun, but before he gets to shoot, the gunbarrel shoots him first. Then he says "Wait, you're a gun? I thought you where an eyeball or something!... Douche!"

    The starting scene is a parody of The Spy Who Loved Me with a british agent who looks similar to Bond himself.

    There is a scene with Stan in a casino bar ordering "a beer, shaken not stirred". As he opens the can, the beer explodes in his face.

    Stan Smith as Himself - James Bond parody
    Francine Smith as Sexpun T'Come - Bond Girl parody
    Roger as Tearjerker - Villain parody
    Klaus as Tchochkie Schmear - Henchman parody
    Avery Bullock as B - M parody
    Steve Smith as S - Q parody
    Hayley Smith as Miss Peacenickel - Miss Moneypenny parody
    Greg & Terry as Tearjerker's Henchmen (Peddie & Mannie) - Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd parody
    Chuck White as the Professor - parody of the scientist usually killed by the villain
    Capt. Monty as Gums - Jaws parody

    Stan: So what new gadgets have you got for me today, S?
    Steve/S: Seems like an ordinary gold pen, right? Turn the top. When that gas comes in contact with a woman, her breasts grow bigger!
    Stan: Don't you have anything a bit more useful?
    Steve/S: Ahh, right, perhaps you'll like this. Looks like an ordinary cell-phone. Yes? Well, open it and press 3. Yeah, see, if you were a woman, you'd have some pretty big cans by now.

    : Thank you for flying out here, Smith.
    Stan: Of course, sir. But why are we dressed up like this?
    Bullock/B: Because I thought we could be Secret... Asians.
    Stan: A 16-hour flight for a bad pun?! (approvingly) Yes. Yes.

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