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Appears in:

  • Akiko Wakabayashi

Who she is:

How she and Bond meet:
  • She is the liaison between Bond and Mr. Henderson. She makes contact with Bond at a sumo match.

Defining dialogue:
  • "I think I will enjoy very much serving under you!"

Vital statistics:
  • 5'4"

How she helps save the day:
  • She rescues Bond from assassins, but is killed (instead of Bond) when a SPECTRE agent drops poison down a thread from the roof of Bond's sleep area

Bikini moment:
  • None. She's more of a Kimono girl.

  • Akiko was originally cast to play the role of Kissy, but when Mie Hama had trouble learning English, the girls' roles were switched and Akiko was cast in the larger part of "Suki," an agent for the Japanese Secret Service. Akiko asked that her character's name be changed to "Aki."
Bond Appeal: 8/10