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  • Following the successful retrieving of a microchip in Siberia, James Bond follows the trail of multimillionaire Max Zorin in France and California. This psychopath is the mastermind behind a scheme to destroy Silicon Valley in order to gain control over the international microchip market. With the countdown ticking toward a cataclysmic disaster, Bond must stop this madman from achieving his goal and killing millions.

Release Date:

  • May 22, 1985

Box Office Results:

  • $152.4 million

Running Time:

  • 131 minutes
Issue Sidearm:

  • Walther PPK


  • S.N.O.O.P.E.R.
  • Ring Camera
  • Glare Eliminating Glasses
  • Carbon copy reading device
  • Credit card lock opener



  • Richard Maibaum
  • Michael G. Wilson

Title Song:

  • A View To a Kill

Title Song Artist:

  • Duran Duran

Filming Locations:

  • Siberia, Russia; London, UK; Ascot, UK; Paris and rural France; San Francisco and the Bay Area, USA.

Best Quote:

  • Zorin: "Intuitive improvisation is the secret of a genius."
  • Zorin drops one of his associates out of his airship when he backs out of his plan and quips ' So does anyone else want to drop out.'

Best Mistake:

  • When Stacey breaks a vase containing her grandfather's ashes over a thug's head, there are no ashes inside
  • In numerous action and chase scenes, it is obvious that it is a stunt double, not Moore.

Vital Statistics

  • Conquests: 4
  • Martinis: 0
  • Kills: 5
  • "Bond, James Bond": 2

  • The last Bond movie to have Roger Moore playing Bond.
  • Although Patrick Macnee is more notable for his role as John Steed from the British TV series The Avengers, he appears in the Bond series after three of his female partners: Honor Blackman (Cathy Gale) had appeared in Goldfinger while both Diana Rigg (Emma Peel) and New Avengers Joanna Lumley (Purdey) appeared in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.