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00 Agents

004 - James Bond Wiki

Significant Achievements:
    • 004 is seen in the room with the rest of the 00 Agents and M in the film Thunderball.
    • Frederick Warder is assigned to a training mission in Gibraltar with James Bond and an unnamed 002 in the film The Living Daylights.

    Declassified Information:
    • On the training mission in Gibraltar, Frederick Warder was murdered. A false KGB agent cut his rope while Warder was climbing and his body was marked with the sign of the Soviet group, SMERSH, "Smiert Spionem" (Russian for "death to spies".)
    • The fate of 004 seen inThunderball is unclear. It is possible his 00 status was rescinded and he was placed on office duty. (Bond himself states in the Flemming novel Casino Royale, that this is the fate of 00 agents who wish to leave the field.) It is also possible that this mysterious 004 was killed in action. In the gameGoldenEye, Q tells Bond in the silo to "treat the timed explosives with respect - you remember what happened to 004 in Beirut".