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Slogan: There's Nothing Hotter than a Bond Girl....
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Hello, my name is [Keisha]!

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Home town: Texas

Birthday (month/day): April 23


My Favorite Bond Film: Too Many to decide from...

My first Bond film was: Diamonds are Forever

My favorite gadget is: BMW 750il

My favorite villain is: Dr No

My favorite henchmen is:

My favorite Bond girl is: Stacey Sutton

Top 5 favorite films in order:1
1. You Only Live Twice
2. From Russia With Love
3. License To Kill
4. Casino Royale
5. Tomorrow Never Dies

Top 5 favorite Bond moments:

1. You Only Live Twice.....Now What's a Nice Girl like you doing in a place like this ?
2. Will update at a later time....

Favorite pics & clips:

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Sean CSean Connery and Honor Blackman
From Russia with love [Untitled]
Six faces of Bond
Bond Skydiving Daniel Craig

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