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Hello, my name is Valentin!

home - James Bond Wiki

Home town: London

Birthday : January 28


My Favorite Bond Film: Octopussy

My first Bond film was: Thunderball

My favorite gadget is: The cell phone controlled car.

My favorite villain is: Elliot Carver

My favorite henchmen is: Tee Hee

My favorite Bond girl is: Mary Goodnight

Top 5 favorite films in order:1
1. Octopussy
2. Live and Let Die
3. Tomorrow Never Dies
4. For Your Eyes Only
5. GoldenEye

Top 5 favorite Bond moments:

1. The crocodile walk - Live and Let Die
2. Skiing off the cliff - The Spy Who Loved Me
3. Fighting with Jaws on the ski lift thing - Moonraker
4. Mid air fight for the parachute - Moonraker
5. Killing Elliot Carver with the missile - Tomorrow Never Dies

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